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This information is for Vicon Nexus 2.14. For up-to-date help, see the latest Nexus documentation.

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The Optimum Common Shape Technique (OCST), Symmetrical Center of Rotation Estimation (SCoRE) and Symmetrical Axis of Rotation Analysis (SARA) methods are based on research publications that can be obtained from Vicon on request. As the research and validation of the values produced by these methods is a continuing effort, it is recommended that OCST, SCoRE and SARA are used for investigative and research purposes. It is your responsibility to review the scientific references and understand the methods. Any use of the methods as part of a clinical assessment is strictly at your discretion.

To help you use a biomechanics workflow, Nexus includes the Advanced Gait Workflow, which steps you through a series of trial captures and automated processes to enable you to use the calibrated OCST, SCoRE and SARA data to compute the hip joint centers and knee flexion axes for further analysis. You can use the workflow as supplied, or if required, you can modify it and the associated trial types, monitors and pipelines to suit your needs. For information, see Using the Advanced Gait Workflow.

If you need to set up a biomechanics workflow from scratch, see these topics.