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This information is for Vicon Nexus 2.14. For up-to-date help, see the latest Nexus documentation.

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Nexus 2.14 and later enables you to run an executable file (written in compiled languages such as C++ or C#) from a Nexus pipeline operation. You can use this feature to speed up or update processing and produce a more automated workflow, for example:

  • To quickly run an application you've written that takes filter-related parameters as command line options by connecting to Nexus using the offline SDK, loading the data, filtering using the provided filter parameters, and updating the model output data in Nexus.


  • For legacy VPIs that you want to continue to use in the latest 64-bit version of Nexus, you could port them to use the offline SDK rather than the VPI interface.

To run an executable from within Nexus:

  1. In the Pipeline Tools panel, expand Data Processing and double-click Run External Application to add the operation to the current pipeline.
  2. With Run External Application selected, in the Properties pane, click in the Application field and enter or browse to the location of the executable file that you want to run, ensuring that the full path, including the filename, is specified.
    If the executable doesn't require any arguments, you can now run the operation.
  3. If your app requires arguments, in the Arguments field, enter these as a space-delimited list that is passed to the application upon execution. Surround each string argument with double quotes.

  4. Run the operation in the usual way. (For a reminder of how to use pipelines in Nexus, see Work with pipelines in the Vicon Nexus User Guide.)