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This information is for Vicon Nexus 2.13. For up-to-date help, see the latest Nexus documentation.

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Monitors enable you to evaluate subject and device outputs, so that when a specified condition or event happens (eg, a leg is raised to a specified height or a knee exceeds a specified angle), one or more actions is triggered (eg, a sound is played). If required, you can configure multiple actions and multiple monitors.

You can use monitors in both Live and Offline modes. In Live mode, you can compare the current value against the thresholds. In Offline mode, you can tune a series of monitors against captured data before applying them to live data.

For more information, see:

For an example of creating monitor, see Create a joint range overlay monitor (part of a biomechanics workflow).

For information on running a monitor as part of a pipeline, see the Run Monitor option in System operations.