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This information is for Vicon Nexus 2.13. For up-to-date help, see the latest Nexus documentation.

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From the range of FLIR Blackfly S cameras, this camera has been tested and is recommended.

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Choice of FLIR Blackfly S video camera

The following camera has been tested with Vicon Nexus. The frame rate given is the maximum possible at full resolution using the camera's native Bayer format. Higher rates may be possible if region-of-interest windowing is enabled on the camera, whereas the camera is limited to lower rates if certain onboard processing features are enabled.

RangeModelSensor resolutionMax frame rate at full resolution
FLIR specNexus

FLIR Blackfly S

BFS-U3-23S3C-C1920 × 1200
(2.3 MP)

Number of FLIR Blackfly S video cameras

You can use up to four cameras with a single Vicon Lock unit, subject to sufficient GPO ports being free and not required for any other devices. For more information, contact Vicon Support.

The number of cameras that can be used is constrained by the USB3 bandwidth of the PC or its ability to keep up with video encoding and/or disk bandwidth. 

Vicon Lock unit, cables, and accessories

The minimum requirements are a Vicon Lock unit, sync cable, and USB3 cable. The Vicon Lock unit is required to provide a sync signal to the camera.

Vicon Lock, Lock+, Lock Studio or Lock Lab

RequiredProvides synchronization signal for FLIR camera.
Vicon 10 m Sync Cable
RequiredCarries synchronization signal from Vicon Lock to FLIR camera.
FLIR 5 m USB 3.1 Locking Cable
RequiredConnects camera to PC for power, data and control.
M23VM615IR-V 2/3" Varifocal Lens 6–15mm C-mount
RequiredLens is required for camera. 
FLIR Tripod Adapter for Blackfly S
RequiredEnables camera to be mounted on tripod head.
FLIR 4-Port Quad Channel USB 3.1 Host Controller Card
RequiredRequired for all Vicon systems that include FLIR cameras, to ensure stability of connection and data, especially at higher frames rates.
10 m Single RCA Phono Extension Cable
Optional10 m extension for sync cable.
UGREEN USB3 Extension Cable
10 m extension for USB3 cable.
Light Link USB3 over Fibre
OptionalRecommended 30 m optical extension for USB3 cable, which requires no additional power supply.
Lindy 30m Fibre Optic USB 3.0 Cable
OptionalAlternative 30 m optical extension for USB3 cable.
Requires a micro-USB power supply at the camera end.
Important: First connect the data cable to the PC and then connect the power, or else the camera will need power cycling before it will work.