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This information is for Vicon Nexus 2.13. For up-to-date help, see the latest Nexus documentation.

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The following tables display the lower body segment angles from Plug-in Gait.

All lower body angles are calculated in rotation order YXZ except for ankle angles, which are calculated in order YZX.

As Euler angles are calculated, each rotation causes the axis for the subsequent rotation to be shifted. X’ indicates an axis which has been acted upon and shifted by one previous rotation, X’’ indicates a rotation axis which has been acted upon and shifted by two previous rotations.

Left lower body angles

Positive rotationAxisDirection
LPelvisAngles1Anterior TiltPrg.Fm. YAnti-clockwise

2Upward ObliquityPrg.Fm. X'Anti-clockwise

3Internal RotationPrg.Fm. Z''Clockwise
LFootProgressAngles1-Prg.Fm. Y-

2-Prg.Fm. X'-

3Internal RotationPrg.Fm. Z''Clockwise
LHipAngles1FlexionPelvis YClockwise

2AdductionPelvis X'Clockwise

3Internal RotationPelvis Z''Clockwise
LKneeAngles1FlexionThigh YAnti-clockwise

2Varus/AdductionThigh X'Clockwise

3Internal RotationThigh Z''Clockwise
LAnkleAngles1DorsiflexionTibia YClockwise

2Inversion/ AdductionTibia X''Clockwise

3Internal RotationTibia Z'Clockwise

Right lower body angles

Positive rotationAxisDirection
RPelvisAngles1Anterior TiltPrg.Fm. YAnti-clockwise

2Upward ObliquityPrg.Fm. X'Clockwise

3Internal RotationPrg.Fm. Z''Anti-clockwise
RFootProgressAngles1-Prg.Fm. Y-

2-Prg.Fm. X'-

3Internal RotationPrg.Fm. Z''Anti-clockwise
RHipAngles1FlexionPelvis YClockwise

2AdductionPelvis X'Anti-clockwise

3Internal RotationPelvis Z''Anti-clockwise
RKneeAngles1FlexionThigh YAnti-clockwise

2Varus/AdductionThigh X'Anti-clockwise

3Internal RotationThigh Z''Anti-clockwise
RAnkleAngles1DorsiflexionTibia YClockwise

2Inversion/ AdductionTibia X''Anti-clockwise

3Internal RotationTibia Z'Anti-clockwise