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This information is for Vicon Nexus 2.13. For up-to-date help, see the latest Nexus documentation.

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The 3D Perspective view enables you to visualize reconstructed motion capture data from all active Vicon cameras, or Vicon Skeleton Templates (.vst), or Vicon Skeleton (.vsk) files, in 3D (three dimensional) perspective, that is length, width, and depth.

You can view 3D data live in real time or from a previously saved trial.

In addition to the standard buttons (see View pane), the 3D Perspective view contains the following sections:

  • 3D Perspective view pane toolbar You manage the display of 3D data in the active workspace by selecting these buttons at the top of the view pane:
    • Center camera on selection Position the currently selected data in the center of the view pane. This option does not automatically zoom in on the selected data.
    • Export Workspace to AVI Enables you to create video files of a selected 3D workspace (including any labeled subject). For details, see Export 3D Workspace as AVI in the Vicon Nexus User Guide.
  • 3D Perspective view You view and manipulate 3D data in the view pane below the toolbar. For example, you can dolly, orbit, pan, tilt, truck, and zoom to control the portion of the capture volume that is displayed.

3D Perspective view usage tips

When you display a 3D Perspective view pane:

  • If you have additional 3D Perspective or other view panes (3D Orthogonal, Camera, Graph view or Subject Viewer panes) open, you can change the number and arrangement of view panes displayed in the workspace to suit your preferences using the view pane toolbar buttons at the top right of the view pane.
  • You can highlight the representations of specific cameras in the 3D Perspective view pane workspace by selecting one or more cameras under the Vicon Cameras node in the System Resources pane.
  • You can configure display options in the Options dialog box (F7), such as force plate display options.

To visualize data in the view pane:

  1. Either stream live camera data (click Go Live), or double-click the name of a processed data file  on the Data Management tab.
  2. From the View pane toolbar, select 3D Perspective. The reconstructed 3D data from all cameras is displayed in a single 3D Perspective view pane.
    Information about the current trial appears at the top of the view pane:
    • NO TRIAL if no trial is loaded
    • LIVE if Nexus is in Live mode
    • The trial file name if you are viewing a trial in Offline mode.
  3. If you want to change the way this text is displayed, open the Options dialog box (F7), and configure the Workspace Title option.