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This information is for Vicon Nexus 2.12. For up-to-date help, see the latest Nexus documentation.

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By default, the Advanced Gait Workflow files are located in the following installation folder:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Vicon\Nexus2.#\

You are given the option to change this location during the Nexus installation.

The Advanced Gait Workflow (AGW) files are:

AGW labeling skeleton template and marker files

The following labeling skeleton template and marker files are installed in:

<installation folder>\ModelTemplates

  • PlugInGait FullBody Ai Functional.vst
  • PlugInGait FullBody Ai Functional.mkr
  • PlugInGait LowerBody Ai Functional.vst
  • PlugInGait LowerBody Ai Functional.mkr

AGW pipelines

The following pipelines are installed in:

<installation folder>\Configurations\Pipelines

  • AGW Static.Pipeline
  • AGW LHip.Pipeline
  • AGW LKnee.Pipeline
  • AGW RHip.Pipeline
  • AGW RKnee.Pipeline
  • AGW Process.Pipeline

AGW trial types

The following trial types are installed in:

<installation folder>\Configurations\TrialTypes

  • AGW Static.TrialTypes
  • AGW LHip.TrialTypes
  • AGW LKnee.TrialTypes
  • AGW RHip.TrialTypes
  • AGW RKnee.TrialTypes
  • AGW Process.TrialTypes

AGW monitors

The following monitors are installed in:

<installation folder>\Configurations\Monitors

  • AGW LHip.Monitors
  • AGW LKnee.Monitors
  • AGW RHip.Monitors
  • AGW RKnee.Monitors

AGW capture workflow

The following capture workflow is installed in:

<installation folder>\Configurations\CaptureWorkflows

  • AGW Lower Body.CaptureWorkflow

AGW MATLAB folder and files

The following MATLAB folder and files are installed in:

<installation folder>\SDK\Matlab

  • +Vicon (folder containing the Plug-in Gait MATLAB model)
  • DynamicPiG.m
  • StaticPiG.m

PlugInGait FullBody Ai Functional VST

The PlugInGait FullBody Ai.vst uses the same marker set and marker locations as the legacy PlugInGait FullBody (UPA and FRM).vst but it has been rewritten into the VST/VSK format to take advantage of the skeleton calibration and labeling algorithms of Nexus 2.

The PlugInGait FullBody Ai Functional.vst has four additional markers that are used to define independent thigh and tibia segments for SCoRE and SARA processing. (Note that this VST is just one example of the possible marker sets that can be used with SCoRE and SARA.) The additional markers include the L and R THIA, typically placed on the anterior aspect of the thigh, which combine with the THI and KNE markers to define the left and right femur OCST segments. Also the L and R TIBA markers, typically placed on the anterior aspect of the tibia, combine with the TIB and ANK markers to define the left and right tibia OCST segments. Although the exact placement of these additional markers does not necessarily correspond with anatomical landmarks, it's important that the markers form a solid geometrical relationship with the other markers on the segment to provide well-defined and stable OCST segments, as shown in the following illustration.