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About Vicon Capture.U

Working seamlessly with Vicon Blue Trident sensors, Vicon Capture.U is a visual application for collecting raw inertial and analytic data, which is not limited by laboratory settings. It offers real-time data overlaid on video, enabling you to analyze movement both on the field and in the lab.

With modes for collecting and analyzing raw data, Capture.U enables you to view graphical and statistics information in real time. You can also save video or export data as CSV, X1D or PDF files, for further analysis.

For a brief introduction to Capture.U, see the PDF Vicon Capture.U Quick Start Guide.

This guide provides information on using both the Capture.U app, for iOS devices; and Capture.U Desktop, for use on Windows PCs and Macs.

You can also watch Vicon Capture.U videos, covering all aspects of using Capture.U, on YouTube.

Understand Vicon IMU sensor status

The LEDs on each Vicon IMU display information about the sensor's status.

Vicon IMU statusLED display
ChargingBoth LEDs slow blink (50% duty)
ChargedBoth LEDs on steady
Battery indicationBoth LEDs blink 1–4 times, pause; pattern repeats 3 times. For example, full battery – LEDs blink 4 times, pause; pattern repeats 3 times.
SamplingSingle or both LEDs brief blink (<10% duty); single or both depending on left or right
Bootloader waiting*Single LED on steady
Bootloader connected*Both LEDs on steady
Bootloader exiting*Both LEDs twinkle
Error during a session
  • Error overrun 
  • Error storage 
  • Error sync timeout 
  • Error sync 
Rapid blinking LEDs

* To enter bootloader mode, hold down the USB adapter button for at least 10 seconds, then release the button. To exit bootloader mode, wait 60 seconds.