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If you need to upgrade the firmware for your Blue Trident sensors, when you start Capture.U the sensors are displayed with a yellow warning symbol, and a message warns you that an update is needed:

Open Capture.U Desktop to update firmware:

  1. Do one of the following:
    • To directly open Capture.U Desktop, tap Get Desktop App.
    • To close the message first, tap OK and then open Capture.U Desktop.
  2. Upgrade the sensor firmware with Capture.U Desktop (see Update sensor firmware).

    Downgrading sensor firmware

    • If you're using second-generation Blue Trident sensors, do not downgrade your firmware, even if prompted to do so by Capture.U Desktop.
    • If you have first-generation Blue Trident sensors, you can safely downgrade their firmware, if necessary. However, as Capture.U 1.3.1 Desktop is not compatible with firmware earlier than 10.#, if you downgrade the firmware from version 10, you must uninstall Capture.U 1.3.1 and use an earlier version of Capture.U.