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To manage connected sensors, in the main Capture.U Desktop window, click Sensors.

From here you can update the firmware (see Update sensor firmware), delete data from the sensors (see Erase data from sensors), and display detailed information about each one.

At the top left of the window, the number of connected sensors is displayed.

For each connected sensor, the following information is displayed (left to right):

  • Sensor ID number
  • Percentage of storage available for the sensor
  • Battery percentage. Connected sensors are charged if they are not already fully charged.

For further information, click the downward arrow.

The following details are displayed:

  • Sessions: Number of recorded trials on the sensor
  • Firmware version

Erase data from sensors

To remove unwanted data from your sensors, you can delete it in one of these ways:

Erase data from a single sensor

To erase data from one or more sensors, you can delete the data using the relevant Erase button on the Sensors tab.

To erase data from a sensor:

  1. Ensure the sensor(s) from which you want to erase data is connected.
  2. Click Sensors and then for the required sensor, click Erase data.
    A message notifies you that all data will be erased from the sensor and you're given the opportunity to confirm or cancel.

  3. To delete the data from the sensor, click Erase.
    When the data has been erased from the sensor, the Erase button is disabled and if you click the down arrow, you can see that the Sessions information now shows a zero.

Erase data from all connected sensors

To erase sensor data from all connected sensors:

  • On the Sensors tab, click Erase all sensors.

If the firmware for any of the selected sensors needs updating, you are alerted that the data cannot be not erased from those sensors until the firmware is updated.

Update sensor firmware

Capture.U Desktop enables you to upgrade your Blue Trident sensors to the latest firmware.

To update sensor firmware:

  1. If your sensors aren't plugged in, connect them to the computer (see Connect sensors to Capture.U Desktop) and launch Capture.U Desktop.
    To let you know that firmware needs to be upgraded, the Sensors icon displays a red circle at the top right.
  2. Click Sensors on the left.
    On the Sensors tab, the connected sensors display a red circle at the top left of each connected sensor display and Capture.U Desktop informs you that the connected sensor(s) require a firmware upgrade.


    Downgrading sensor firmware

    • If you're using second-generation Blue Trident sensors, do not downgrade your firmware, even if prompted to do so by Capture.U Desktop.
    • If you have first-generation Blue Trident sensors, you can safely downgrade their firmware, if necessary. However, as Capture.U 1.3.1 Desktop is not compatible with firmware earlier than 10.#, if you downgrade the firmware from version 10, you must uninstall Capture.U 1.3.1 and use an earlier version of Capture.U.
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions by restarting each sensor, one at a time, holding down the button on the sensor's cradle for 10 seconds. 
    The status changes to Waiting for sensor to restart for firmware update and then Firmware update in progress, ending with a Success! status and a final reboot of the sensor.
  4. When the firmware has finished updating, you can expand the displayed information to view the updated firmware number on the Sensors tab.

  5. If other sensors need to have their firmware upgraded, repeat the above steps for each one.

    If one or more sensors fails to upgrade, try disconnecting the sensor(s) from the computer and entering bootloader mode. To do this, hold down the USB adapter button on the sensor for at least 10 seconds. Release the button and wait 60 seconds for the sensor to exit bootloader mode, then reconnect and relaunch Capture.U Desktop. Retry upgrading the firmware as described above.

  6. You can now download trials that were captured in To Sensor mode (see Download a trial from the sensors and Capture to sensor).

Load updated firmware (10.#) to upgrade Blue Trident sensors

If new Blue Trident sensor firmware becomes available (that is, firmware later than 10.0.1), add this file to Capture.U Desktop either by clicking or dropping the firmware file onto the Sensors tab.

To revert back to 10.0.1 firmware, remove the added firmware file by deleting the firmware file located in:

C:\Users\ Username \AppData\Roaming\Capture.UDesktop\firmware