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The Learn mode provides an interactive guide that helps you learn and understand how to use Capture.U. You access its two components, Education and Practice, via the Home screen:

The components consist of the following modules:

  • Education
    Introduction | What is an IMU? | Accelerometer | Gyroscope | Magnetometer | Global Angles
  • Practice
    Accelerometer | Gyroscope | Global Angles

To use Learn mode:

  1. Open the Capture.U app.
  2. In the Learn section tap Education or Practice.

For more information, see:

Education component

The Education component helps you to expand your knowledge of IMUs. It is an interactive guide that not only explains how each sensor within an IMU works, but enables you to understand its outputs as well.

It features an introduction to the modules and an overview of IMU technology, as well as dedicated modules for each sensor within an IMU: the accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, and global angles.

For some modules, to progress past the first page, a Blue Trident IMU must be charged and in range. If it is not, a locked icon informs you that a charged, in-range IMU is not available. Multiple iOS devices can use a single IMU to gain access to additional pages within a module. After a module has progressed past the first page, an IMU is no longer required to view that module unless you reset progress (see Reset progress).

For more information about the Education component, see:

Track your progress through the Education modules

The Education component keeps track of your progress, both between modules and within each one, and between multiple sessions. 

On the Education menu, to the left of each module, a progress circle is completed as you view each page:

Within each module, the navigation bar at the bottom of each page displays the total number of pages in the module (number of circles), the current page number, which pages have been previously viewed (filled circles), and which are yet to be viewed (unfilled circles).

Reset progress

If you need to reset your progress through the modules back to its original state, you can select the Reset Progress option.

  • On the Menu screen, tap the cog icon and select Reset Progress.

    All progress between and within modules is reset.

About the modules

The Education component consists of these modules:

  • Introduction covers what you need to know to use Learn mode effectively. It explains the layout of each page, how to navigate within and between modules, and how progress is tracked within and between modules.
  • What is an IMU? provides an overview of IMU architecture and technology. An IMU is not required to view any of the contents of this module.
  • Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer and Global Angles In the remaining modules, a Blue Trident IMU is necessary to access its contents. Each of these modules, except for Magnetometer, features a Visualize section that consists of two pages:
    • The first page describes a specific movement or set of movements to perform with the IMU.
    • The second page enables you to connect to and stream data from an IMU. For this feature to work properly, each iOS device must connect to a unique IMU.

Connect to an IMU and stream data

To use the Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer and Global Angles Education modules, you need to select a sensor and display its outputs.

Select a sensor and visualize outputs

  1. Tap Select a Sensor to Stream.
    As in other modes in Capture.U, you can either scroll through the list of available IMUs or turn on Enable Tap To Select and physically tap the IMU twice.
  2. When you have selected the correct sensor, tap Select Sensor.
  3. Tap Start to begin streaming.
    You can choose between X, Y and Z axes to visualize their outputs.
If you want to visualize outputs in the Global Angles module, remember to calibrate the sensor first (for details, see Calibrate IMUs, or find these instructions within the module).

Scaling the graph axes

You can manipulate the range and zoom on the X- and Y-axes both prior to and after streaming data.

However, while the sensor is streaming, the graph autoscales in the Y-axis based on the maximum values within the chosen time window (X-axis).

Analyze outputs

After visualizing your IMU outputs, the next pages within the module help you to analyze your data. You can use the sample output graphs to help you understand the measurements collected by the sensor. 

If you navigate away from the Visualize page, you lose the collected data. You may want to use your phone to screenshot your outputs to compare with the outputs that are displayed on the Analyze pages.

At the end of each module, two hyperlinks may be available:

  • Learn More: Provides access to a separate site that features additional supporting material.
  • Go To: Momentarily goes back to the menu and then automatically navigates to the listed module.

Capture.U Education - Learn More

On the Learn More site, the Capture.U Education pages provide supplemental information for each module. They include more in-depth insights, tips on analysis and links to other valuable resources that can help you continue to expand your knowledge.

Periodically, we may edit content on the Learn More site between Capture.U releases. If you have any ideas for more content that you would like to see within Learn More, contact Vicon Support.

Practice component

The Practice component guides you through practical applications involving some common human movements and helps you to understand and analyze the outputs from an IMU.

All collection occurs within Real-Time Insight, so each module provides a direct link to Real-Time Insight mode at its end.

Each Practice module instructs you where to place a Blue Trident IMU, how to set up Real-Time Insight for collection, and the movement to perform.

Capture.U Practice - Learn More

On the Learn More site, the Capture.U Practice pages provide resources to help you process and analyze your data. They include:

  • Step-by-step instructions to help you analyze your exported CSV files from Real-Time Insight
  • Templates and scripts that you can use to automatically process your data

At present, scripts are available in Excel templates, Python, and MATLAB. You can download these templates and scripts from the Vicon website.

Periodically, we may edit content on the Learn More site between Capture.U releases. If you have any ideas for more content that you would like to see within Learn More, contact Vicon Support.