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To connect sensors:

  1. Insert each Blue Trident sensor into its USB adapter.
  2. With the supplied micro-USB cables, connect the adapter(s) to the computer.


    If you can't connect all the sensors that were used for collecting data because you used more sensors that you have USB ports, connect the sensors to the available ports. You will be able to connect the remaining sensors later. For more information, see Download a trial when some sensors are not connected.
  3. On your computer, start Capture.U Desktop.

  4. To confirm that one or more sensor(s) is connected to Capture.U Desktop, click either Process or Sensors.
    All connected sensors are displayed.


Capture.U icons on the Captures tab

The following icons are displayed on the Captures tab to indicate the status of the sensors:

Blue Trident sensor is connected to Capture.U Desktop.
Blue Trident sensor is not connected to Capture.U Desktop.
Blue Trident sensor was selected for the trial, but no data has been recorded or data has been erased.

Blue Trident sensor data has been downloaded for the trial.