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These topics contain information about the hardware and software required to run the app, and notes about downloading and installing it.

Requirements for the Capture.U app

The Vicon Capture.U app is available for iOS devices only.

Before you begin, ensure your iOS device meets or exceeds these requirements:

  • iOS 14 and later - with BLE 4.2 and later devices (1.1 and 1.2)
    To access AR Visualization mode, Vicon recommends an iOS 14 device, BLE 5 and an Apple A12 Bionic or later chip device.

For optimum performance, and to access all available collection modes, this specification is recommended:

  • iOS 14, BLE 5.0 and Apple A12 Bionic (or later) chip devices.

This table lists the latest iOS 14 and iOS 15 supported devices. (Note that devices supported by iOS 15 only are indicated by an asterisk):

iOS devices
(iOS 14)
Bluetooth 4.2
(Bionic chip)
Bluetooth 5
(Bionic chip)
Bluetooth 5 with Apple A12 Bionic chip or later (recommended)
iPhonesiPhone 6s (A9)

iPhone 6s Plus (A9)

iPhone 7 (A10)

iPhone 7 Plus (A10)
iPhone 8 (A11)

iPhone 8 Plus (A11)

iPhone X (A11)

iPhone Xs (A12)

iPhone Xs Max (A12)

iPhone XR (A12)

iPhone 11 (A13)

iPhone 11 Pro (A13)

iPhone 11 Pro Max (A13)

iPhone SE (A13)

iPhone 12 mini (A14)

iPhone 12 (A14)

iPhone 12 Pro (A14)

iPhone 12 Pro Max (A14)

iPhone 13*

iPhone 13 mini*

iPhone 13 Pro*

iPhone 13 Pro Max*


12.9-inch iPad Pro
2nd generation (2017) (A10X)

12.9-inch iPad Pro
1st generation (2015) (A9X)

10.5-inch iPad Pro (2017) (A10X)

9.7-inch iPad Pro (2016) (A9X)

9.7-inch iPad
6th generation (2018) (A10)

5th generation (2017) (A9)

7th generation (2019) (A10)

iPad Air 2 (2014) (A8X)

iPad mini 4 (2015) (A8)

12 .9-inch iPad Pro
3rd generation ((2018) A12X)

12.9-inch iPad Pro
4th generation (2020) (A12Z)

11-inch iPad Pro (2018) (A12X)

11-inch iPad Pro (2020) (A12Z) 

iPad Air
3rd generation (2019) (A12) 

iPad Air
4th generation (A14)

iPad mini
5th generation (2019) (A12)

iPad mini*
6th generation

8th generation (A12)

9th generation

* Device is supported by iOS 15 only

Download and install the Capture.U app

To install Capture.U:

  • Download the Vicon Capture.U app  from the App Store to your iOS device.

Capture.U supports only Vicon Blue Trident sensors. Blue Thunder sensors are not supported.