This information is for Vicon Evoke 1.6. For up-to-date help, see the latest Evoke documentation.

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You load and play recorded captures using the Review panel (View > Review).

To play back captures:

  1. At the top of the Review panel, in the Review Options section, ensure that the relevant folder is selected, depending on the location of the capture you want to load.
    All captures in the specified folder are listed in the Captures section below.
    To manage the review folder, see Review Options.

  2. In the Captures section, double-click the name of the required capture to load.
    You can identify that you are in Review mode in these ways:
    • Review CaptureName is displayed in the menu bar.
    • The menu bar changes color to distinguish between live and review modes.
    • A time bar appears at the bottom of the Workspace view pane.
    The System panel displays all devices that were present when the data was captured. The lists of devices are the same as they were when the data was captured, but no settings are displayed in the bottom part of the panel.
    Any device warning information that was displayed when the devices were live is also displayed.
    The Tracking panel displays a list of all the top-level tracking objects that were present when the data was captured. 
    No settings for the objects are displayed. 
  3. Use the time bar controls to move through the capture as required:
    • To play or stop the replay of the recorded capture, click the Play / Stop button  /  on the right of the time bar.
    • To view a particular part of the capture, drag the slider along the time bar
    • To move through the capture one frame at a time, click the Previous Frame  or Next Frame  buttons, or press the A or S keys.
    • To replay continuously, click the Loop button .
    • To return to Live mode, on the menu bar click the Close button  to the right of the Review CaptureName title.

Change the review options

At the top of the Review panel, the Review Options section provides options for folder synchronization and loading data.

  • To synchronize the capture folder and the displayed review folder, select the button for folder synchronization .
  • To manually navigate to a capture folder, de-select the folder synchronization button and click the button to browse for a file location .
  • To choose whether you want to Load Raw Optical Data and/or Load Video Data, display the advanced settings .