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After you have created the necessary characters in Evoke (see Create characters), prepare the participants for the experience.

To prepare the participants:

  1. Attach the Pulsars to the Vicon accessories, making sure you use the correct mounting plates for each accessory, normally:
    • Flexible mounting plates for the foot straps and chest strap
    • Rigid mounting plates for the gloves and hat
  2. Make sure each participant is wearing the relevant Vicon accessories. At a minimum, these are: 
    • Mocap hat (Pulsar attached with status light facing forward)
      HMD clips attached to HMD (two Pulsars (front and top) attached - status light facing up)
    • Gloves (status light facing down)
    • Foot straps (status light facing forward)
    • Back strap, (see Create characters for a description of each option)
      Backpack PC (status light facing up) 

These images show Pulsars correctly attached to a participant.

These images show the placement of Pulsars on the back:

ClusterTemplateWaist ClusterTemplateBelt

Attach the Pulsars as follows:

  • ClusterTemplateWaist: Fasten the backstrap around the narrowest part of the waist, resting the Pulsar in the small of the back, in line with the spine.
  • ClusterTemplateBelt: Thread the backstrap through the participant's belt loops, resting the Pulsar at the base of the spine and in line with it.

After you have attached the Pulsars to the participants, assign objects and calibrate the character for each participant (see Assign objects and calibrate characters).