This information is for Vicon Evoke 1.6. For up-to-date help, see the latest Evoke documentation.

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These topics explain how to use controls in Graph Plots to manage the channels, including how to display or hide the key and how to pin and unpin channels:

Display or hide a key for the graph

To toggle the display of selected or pinned channels, select the Channel Key button on the far right of the Graph Plots toolbar.
For more information, see Use the Channel Key.

Use the Channel Key

The Channel Key displays a list of the active channels. If the subplot layout is set to Single Plot, component names are also displayed, with each channel component displayed in a different color.

To pin/unpin all or remove all channels, right-click a line in the key and select the relevant option.

Subplot Per Type layout

Single Plot layout

  • Color patch – The color used for corresponding traces.
    For information on how to change the colors used for each trace, see Preferences parameters in the Vicon Evoke Reference Guide.
  • Component name
  • Channel name
  • Pin button – Click to toggle the relevant channel's pin status.
  • Remove button – Click to remove the relevant channel. This removes its traces from the graph and de-selects any input channel sources.

  • Dependent channels are highlighted when all their input channel sources are selected.
  • Independent channels are highlighted when they are the current channel type.

Select and pin channels

Selecting a channel source automatically adds one trace for each of its components, creating subplots as required for each channel component type. Deselecting a channel source removes the traces (and any empty subplots).

Pinning a channel prevents removal of traces on deselection.

To pin a channel, do either of the following:

  • Open the Channel Key and click the relevant Pin button for the component and channel name.


  • Right-click in a Graph Plot window, select Pin Channel and then select the relevant component or channel (see Graph Plots mouse actions).

Pinning is useful for building plots of disparate types, or comparing multiple selected channels to a reference channel.

Show or hide channel statistics

Select the Show channel statistics button to display a tooltip when you hover the mouse pointer over a subplot. The tooltip indicates the current value, mean, and standard deviation of the traces on the subplot.
  • Mean and standard deviation are computed over the range of data stored in the channel cache.
  • For live data, the size of this range is controlled by the live data range (see Change the scale of graphed data)
  • For review data, the whole clip range is used.

Set the opacity of lines between gaps in channel data

Select the Change opacity button and move the slider to change the opacity of lines drawn between gaps in the channel data