This information is for Vicon Evoke 1.6. For up-to-date help, see the latest Evoke documentation.

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You can use the following mouse actions in a graph plot.

TaskKeys and mouse
Pin/unpin channelsRight-click on:
  • Subplot or axis, and select Pin Channel, then select the channel to pin or unpin.
  • Line in the Channel Key, and select Pin All or Unpin All.
Remove all channels from the subplot and the Channel KeyRight-click on a line in the Channel Key, and select Remove All.
Remove a channel from the subplot and Channel KeyIn the Channel Key, click the Remove channel button on the right of the relevant line.
Reset axis pan and zoom to defaultRight-click on subplot or axis and select the required Reset option to reset either the X-axis, Y-axis, or both axes.
Switch between relative and session live time

When not in Review mode, right-click on subplot or x-axis and select or clear Relative Time Display. Default is selected.

  • Relative Time (the default) displays frame numbers relative to the latest system frame
  • Session Time displays frame numbers counting from the start of the current sync session (the current sync session number is indicated on the time bar in square brackets after the frame number). For more information on a sync session, see Device synchronization session.
Pan (slide) both x- and y-axisClick middle button (or wheel, or both buttons) + drag on subplot
Pan (slide) axis onlyClick middle button (or wheel, or both buttons) + drag on required axis
Zoom on both x- and y-axisRight-click and drag (or CTRL+ wheel) on subplot
Zoom on single axis onlyRight-click and drag (or CTRL+ wheel) on required axis
Zoom to selectionAlt+right-click and drag on subplot (sets x- and y-axis ranges to fit a rectangle drawn with the mouse)
To cancel, left-click.
Scroll subplot up/downRotate mouse wheel back or forward on subplot or axis
In Review mode, scrub one frame backward or forwardPress the A or S key