This information is for Vicon Evoke 1.6. For up-to-date help, see the latest Evoke documentation.

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Evoke provides you with a number of ways to customize both what you view in the Evoke Workspace and the layout of the windows. You can change and customize the view to suit your way of working.

Set appropriate View Filters

While you're working with Evoke, you can set the View Filters to give the most useful view of your data.

The default view filter sets are for setup and retargeting. The View Filters for the 3D View include options for solving and retargeting. 

To add your own filter sets, in the 3D View, click View Filters and in the Subject View Presets section, click the New Preset button.

The options are displayed in a matrix, with columns for Object, Solving and Retargeting, enabling you to choose a view configuration that suits your current task.

The Solving and Retargeting columns are not shown if character solving is turned off (Processing panel > Characters from Clusters > Disable solving).

Your settings, including any custom presets, are automatically saved, so that you can easily re-use them for different workflows.

For details, see the Vicon video:

The view filter presets are stored in the view presets file, by default:


The current view filter preset is stored in the view file, by default:


Change camera orientation detection

View frames in the Cameras view can be rotated to match their physical orientation, so that up in the image matches up in the real world. The orientation is determined from the camera calibration if available, otherwise the accelerometer on board the camera is used.

This option is enabled by default.

To turn on or off camera orientation detection:

  1. In the Cameras view, click View Filters.
  2. In the 2D Data section, select or clear Show Orientation.
  3. To choose whether to snap to 90° increments, ignoring smaller rotations, select or clear Snap to 90°.

Display the number of selected markers

To quickly check that all markers on a particular target are visible, you can select an option in the 3D View to show the number of markers currently selected. 

To display the number of selected markers:

  1. In the 3D View, click View Filters.
  2. In the Overlays section, select or clear Selected Marker Count.
    At the bottom right of the view pane, the Marker Selection count is displayed.


    As you select markers, the Marker Selection counter changes to display the number of selected markers. If no markers are currently selected, a zero is displayed.

Load and save window layouts

In addition to using the supplied Default (for tracking), Analysis (for tracking and graphing), and Camera Calibration layouts, you can save your own customized layouts of the workspace and panels. This enables you to quickly switch between layouts when either setting up the system or running experiences.

To access both the supplied layouts and any saved window layouts, click View Settings at the top right of the Evoke window.

Custom layouts are saved by default to: