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Before you start creating characters, ensure you have completed the necessary preparations (see Prepare for character solving).

Create characters in Evoke to represent each participant.

To create a character:

  1. In the Tracking Setup panel, enter the name of the character that you want to create from clusters in the volume. 

  2. At the top right of the panel, display the Advanced options , and under Character, in the Template list, select the appropriate template, depending on where the spine cluster is mounted:
    • ClusterTemplate: Default template. For use if the spine cluster is mounted on a backpack or the Vicon-supplied backstrap
    • ClusterTemplateBelt For use if the spine cluster is mounted on a belt, in line with the spine
    • ClusterTemplateWaist For use if the spine cluster is mounted on a strap around the narrowest part of the waist, in line with the spine
  3. From the Retarget list, select a retarget file. (You can use the supplied ViconFemaleSample or ViconMaleSample.)
  4. In the Slots section below, click the first slot (Head), select either an OculusRift, HPReverb, HTCVive or a Hat, depending on the accessories that you are using. (Note that the supplied templates for supported headsets include two device slots for the front and top of the head.)
  5. If you are using two reference objects (typically Pulsar clusters for both the head and the spine), in the Spine slot, select the Backstrap template or your own template for the backpack you're using. Alternatively, if you're using the ClusterTemplateBelt or ClusterTemplateWaist template, in the Hips slot, select the Pulsar template.
    As shown in the following examples, which show commonly used setups, you can leave the rest of the slots empty. 


  6. At the right of the the Character line, click Create.

When you have created characters for all the participants, you can attach Pulsars to them (see Prepare the participants).

If you need to change the characters' properties (such as their skin or color), see Change a character's properties (optional).