This information is for Vicon Evoke 1.6. For up-to-date help, see the latest Evoke documentation.

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When small changes occur in the pose (position and rotation) or internal parameters of the camera (eg, through temperature changes that cause the thermal expansion of the rig), this can cause centroids to fail to be labeled as part of a tracked object.

The Auto Bias Handling feature attempts to compute the camera calibration biases and increase the slack used when deciding whether a centroid should correspond to a model point in order to compensate. 

To turn Auto Bias Handling on or off:


  1. In the Processing panel, ensure the Advanced properties are displayed .
  2. Go to the Camera Healing section and select or clear Enable Bias Handling.


  • In the System Health Report, go to the Auto Bias Handling section and select or clear the check box

By default, Auto Bias Handling is enabled. 

The bias correction consumes some additional CPU resources but is unlikely to affect latency for standard tracking.  

Note that if objects are struggling to boot, you may also need to increase the Environmental Drift Tolerance