Before using Pulsars in a live experience, make the following checks:

  1. Ensure Pulsars are paired with a Beacon in the volume (see Turn on the Beacon and enable pairing and Pair Pulsars with a Beacon).
  2. Ensure the Beacon is enabled and that on the System tab, no warning indicators are displayed.
  3. Turn on the Pulsars and in Evoke, check the following indicators:
    • On the System tab, in the Clusters section, Pulsars are displayed.
    • The connection status for all clusters is green.
    • Battery levels are sufficient for the experience.
      If any of the Pulsar batteries is running low (indicated in the System tree by the low battery indicator), replace it before continuing (see Swap clusters).
    • No warning indicators are displayed.
    • Objects are tracked and labeled in the 3D Scene.
If you need to find out which physical Pulsar is linked to its representation in Evoke, press the Pulsar's power button. It is then selected in Evoke and its status light blinks to indicate that it's currently selected.