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With the Vicon Advanced system, up to 8 Vue cameras are supported. For details and other PC configurations, visit the Vicon website FAQs and select Operating systems and PC, or contact Vicon Support.

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Except where noted, references to Vicon Lock, Lock units, and Lock apply to all current models of the Vicon Lock unit (at the time of publication, this includes Vicon Lock+, Vicon Lock Studio and Vicon Lock Lab).

Simple Vero system for up to 24 cameras

With a single 26-port PoE+ to connect up to 24 Vero cameras.

Simple Vero system with Lock and/or one Vicon video camera

With a single switch to connect up to 24 devices including optional Lock unit and / or Vicon reference video camera

Small Vero system with Gigabit PoE+

A small Vero system showing how Vero cameras, optional Vue video cameras and one or more optional Lock units can be connected to a single Gigabit PoE+ switch with 10 GbE uplink.

Large Vero system with a single Vicon video camera

Large Vero system with Lock(s) and/or more than one Vicon video camera

With multiple switches, more cameras (or other devices) can be connected.


In cases where a Lock unit or Vue is not required, up to two 26-port PoE switches can be daisy-chained, meaning that the Gigabit PoE+ switch is not required. In this case, a camera on the primary PoE switch must be nominated as the sync source in the Vicon software (see previous diagram).

Lock Studio connectivity

Vicon Lock Studio can be used in place of Lock Lab in the previous scenarios to provide the following connections:

Link input/output (I/O)


Earthing (grounding) point

SDI input

Analog video reference input, including VITC

Timecode input: LTC

VESA sync input

Timecode output: LTC

VESA sync output

Remote control input start and stop

GPO sync outputs (x8)