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Vicon software uses the Intel® MKL library for optimized mathematical operations. You may be able to improve performance on AMD CPUs that support the AVX2 instruction set by setting an environment variable.

To change the required setting:

  1. Change the relevant environment variable using your preferred method:

    • To set the environment variable for the current user only:
      1. In the Windows System Properties dialog box, click Environment Variables.
      2. In the Environment Variables editor, in the User variables for <username> section, click New.
      3. In the New User Variables dialog box, in the Variable name field, enter MKL_DEBUG_CPU_TYPE and in the Variable value field, enter 5.

    • To set the variable for all users:

      1. Ensure you have Admin privileges.
      2. From the command line enter the following command:

        setx MKL_DEBUG_CPU_TYPE 5 /m

  2. Restart your Vicon application.

The MKL_DEBUG_CPU_TYPE environment variable is not officially supported by Intel, but has been shown to improve Vicon software performance on AMD CPUs.

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