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The following information applies when configuring a Netgear ProSafe Smart Switch XS712T for the first time and includes enabling jumbo packets.

Initial setup


Before attempting to run the Smart Control Center Utility, ensure you have the required Admin rights.

To start using your Smart Switch for the first time:

  1. Install the Smart Control Center Utility on a computer with a network card. (This also installs Adobe Air.)
  2. Configure a network adapter on the PC to be on the 192.168.0.x subnet.
  3. Start the Smart Control Center Utility.

  4. Switch to the Adapter tab and make sure the network adapter you just configured is the one selected. If not select it and apply your change.
    The application restarts.

    If the application doesn't restart and always defaults back to the same adapter, reconfigure that adapter as you did in Step 2.

    On the Network tab your new Smart Switch is displayed in the Device List.

  5. Select the Smart Switch and click the Web Browser Access button.

Configure the switch

To configure the switch:

  1. Log in to the switch via a browser (using either the Smart Control Center Utility or navigating to the default URL of the switch, using the default password password.
  2. On the System Information page, if required, set the System Name, System Location and System Contact fields.
  3. On the IP Configuration page:

    1. Set the Current Network Configuration Protocol to Static IP Address.

    2. Change the IP Address to and click Apply.

      Web Browser Access only works when the PC connecting is on the same subnet (192.168.10.x) so this step will disconnect you.

  4. Log in to the switch at its new address (
  5. Click the Switching tab.

  6. On the Port Configuration page, select all ports, set the Maximum Frame Size to 9216 and click Apply.