Vicon setup and connectivity banner

The two uplink ports on the far right of the switch are 10 GbE unpowered. Use these ports to connect the PC.

  1. Connect the D-Link to a network port set to 10.90.90.x.
  2. In a browser window, go to
  3. Set the password to admin.
  4. Ensure that the selected Language is English and then click Login.
  5. Click Exit.
  6. In the tree on the left, expand the System menu then Port Configuration and select Jumbo Frames.
  7. Set From Port to eth1/0/1 and
          To Port to eth1/0/28
  8. Set Maximum Receive Frame Size to 12288 and click Apply.
  9. Expand POE.
  10. Select POE Configuration.
  11. Set From Port to eth1/0/1 and
          To Port to eth1/0/24.
  12. Set Priority to Low.
  13. Set Legacy Support to Disabled.
  14. Set Mode to Auto.
  15. Select the box next to Max Wattage and set the value to 30000 (Thirty Thousand).
  16. Click Apply.
  17. To permanently save these settings, on the menu bar at the top, click the Save dropdown menu, then Save configuration and Apply saving to C:\Config.cfg.