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To enable jumbo packets:

  1. Change the IP of a port connected to the D-Link to
  2. In a browser window, go to
  3. Leave the user name and password blank and click Login.
  4. Set all the ports to be Class 0, PoE-enabled. To do this:
    1. On the tree at the left of the page expand System Configuration, then PoE, and then select PoE Port Settings:

    2. In the From Port field, select 01, and in the To Port field, select 24.

    3. Ensure the State field is set to Enabled and the Power Limit field to Class 0.

    4. Click the Apply button.

  5. To configure the jumbo packets:

    1. On the left, expand System Configuration, then Port Configuration and then Jumbo Frame Settings.

    2. Select the Enabled option and then click Apply.

  6. You must save these settings so they are retained after the switch is power cycled. To do this:

    1. Near the top-left of the page, click on the Tools dropdown menu and select Reboot System.

    2. Select the Yes option for saving the settings and then click the Reboot button.

      The switch takes a minute or so to reboot fully.

  7. To make sure everything is properly configured, connect a Vicon camera to the system and ensure all is working correctly.