If you are working at home and can’t access the Vicon license that was previously issued at your place of work:

  • In all cases, please use your work or academic email address to request licenses. This enables us to process your license request more efficiently as we will be able to quickly identify your associated company or academic establishment.
  • If there is a main person who is responsible for Vicon licensing at your organization, either request through the main person if possible, or quote their name and cc them into the request.
  • If you purchased your system through a Vicon distributor and you usually go to them for support, please request the license through your distributor.
  • Note that if you have requested licenses before, or are already in our database and are using the same registered email address, there will not normally be a delay in processing the request.

We understand that personnel can change and that this may be the first time you have contacted us. If so, to help us to identify the company or academic establishment that you are associated with, please provide us with the following details:

  • Organization name
  • School or Department, if academic
  • Location
  • Supervisor or main user/previous user/purchaser of the system
  • Vicon distributor or company that your system was purchased through
  • Any Vicon hardware serial number, including dongles
  • Existing license file email

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